Lean Training 

Become "Lean Enablers"

Drive system wide continuous improvement

with alignment and focus

Become "Lean Implementors"

Empower & Enable Staff by providing them

with the tools to create value

Become "Lean Leaders" 

Champions that model the organization's values and model the behavior of Lean principles

Harnessing the Power of Improvement

The coaching, training and certification program is a core of The Kensei Group.  The curriculum is built on 25 years of Lean experience in Service, Government, Health Care and Manufacturing sectors with the expertise of leading industry experts, the Kensei Group offers Leanbelt Training, Executive Certification and Gemba workshops.

The Kensei Group’s unique curriculum has been proven to deliver fast and effective value to clients at all stages of their Lean journey.  Kensei Group graduates continually propel their organizations forward to higher levels of world-class excellence through teamwork, dedication, commitment with a sense of purpose and lasting value.

All participants who receive training and certification through The Kensei Group receive:

Training Files and Documentation, including powerpoint slides
Certificate of Completion and/or Lean Certificate